PULSE Pvt. Ltd.
Company Profile

Pulse Magnetic & Power Electronics (PMPE) is a medium size enterprise with a company tradition of consistent expansion of its facilities which it applies to the market segment predefined.
PMPE sees itself as a specialist in development and manufacture of innovative products, with focus and commitment on engineering and optimization. It exclusively produces customised wound components for Industrial, Medical, Railways, Aerospace, and Telecom sectors of on shore and off shore customers.
The company’s dominant technologies can be seen, among other things, in the fact that it can design, develop and manufacture dedicated machines, jigs, tools and dies for specialised products in house.
PMPE has specialised in providing drop-in substitutes for the products which have become obsolete due to various reasons.

PMPE has helped customers in reducing the cost of inductive components by as much as 30 to 40 percent by optimisation of design and use of latest available raw material without any compromise in the performance of the end product.


PMPE has specialised in manufacturing of following products in power electronic.
  • Components with high power density.
  • Components for high current applications with optimum low leakage inductance. 
  • Special designs with marked technical production know-how.

Current News

5th - 7th June. 2018   PCIM Europe 2018. Nuremberg

13th - 16th Nov. 2018   Electronica Munchen 2018

16th - 18th May. 2017   PCIM EUROPE 2017.

8th - 11th Nov. 2016   Electronica 2016.

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