PULSE Pvt. Ltd.

PMPE develops and produces exclusively customized products across industries and applications. These are normally transformers and inductors right from 50/60 HZs mains power frequency covering up to medium frequency range with special requirements including Railways, Aerospace, Welding Power Source, Industrial Control/Motor Drives, Power Control and Power Management, Telecommunication, U.V. Lamps used in PCB manufacturing machine applications in small to medium power ratings up to 50 KW.

PMPE concentrates on producing small to medium unit quantities. The company is guided by the principle of supporting the customers from the moment when they work on new developments up to the time when the real series production starts.

Every development is based on number of different calculation variants. To develop complex magnetic components, PMPE engineers have access to large data base system and analytical techniques developed by the company over the years of experience by it.

Every inductive component is dimensioned pragmatically and analytical methods are used to arrive at final designs. The procedure developed by the company makes it possible to fully optimise the inductive components for their easy and repetitive manufacturability for superior quality and most economical cost.

The results are impressive and the inductive component develop by the company is either cheaper without any degradation in its performance, or can handle more power, or can withstand greater thermal load. We achieve similar positive results while optimizing and engineering the existing inductors and transformers in use with our customer when situations call for.

Current News

5th - 7th June. 2018   PCIM Europe 2018. Nuremberg

13th - 16th Nov. 2018   Electronica Munchen 2018

16th - 18th May. 2017   PCIM EUROPE 2017.

8th - 11th Nov. 2016   Electronica 2016.

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