PULSE Pvt. Ltd.
Mains (50/60Hz) and 400 Hz Transformers
PMPE develops customized power transformers for 50/60 Hz mains rated from 1 VA to 20 KVA with single or multi outputs. Application includes Medical Systems, Isolation, Motor/Industrial Control, Power Control/Management, Test Systems, Defense and Stringent applications in size and shape.
PMPE covers right from simple to low profile to encapsulated transformers for industrial sector where failure of a transformer means down time , and the desire of low cost is tempered by the needs for reliability.
Core materials used:
  •  Silicon Steel both Grain Oriented and Non-grain Oriented
  •  Amorphous Cores
  •  Nanocrystalline Cores
  •  Nickel-iron
Conductors Used:
  •  Solid Copper wires with round and rectangular cross sections
  •  Copper Foil strips
  •  Bobbin core windings
  •  Toroidal Core Windings
  •  Low profile designs
  •  PCB mountable Designs
  •  Encapsulated Designs

Current News

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