PULSE Pvt. Ltd.

PMPE strongly follows the closely–nit work culture with the belief that success of an organization is by the people who work in it. Be it sales, develoement or production, in the service or administration departments it is the people who drive the success of PMPE .From top management to the lowest level of an employee, spirit-de-corps plays a central role. Highly motivated, urge to do new, enthusiastic and committed employees, continuously face new challenges. Leading expertise in design and development provides safe guard to our presence in the industry. No hierarchies and short decision-making paths have priority over status considerations in PMPE.

PMPE selects meticulously employees who are:

1. Open to new ways of thinking and want to work hard to develop positive future for both self and PMPE.
2. Willing to work in a company whose open communication sets it apart and which is characterized by trust, team spirit, mutual understanding and short decision making paths.
3. Willing to work on own initiative and are result oriented.
4. Wanting to develop according to own abilities and strengths within the framework of PMPE needs.

Current News

5th - 7th June. 2018   PCIM Europe 2018. Nuremberg

13th - 16th Nov. 2018   Electronica Munchen 2018

16th - 18th May. 2017   PCIM EUROPE 2017.

8th - 11th Nov. 2016   Electronica 2016.

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